Seven Point Five Two could change your life.

"Seven Point Five Two" simply states that if and when a human being claims Liberty, Privacy, & Security from Trespass as inalienable Rights, they Create a free individual Empowered to give and receive, honest and true Satisfaction.

"Free Individuals" are not restricted to one jurisdiction by birth, but rather utilize multiple jurisdictions for Citizenship, Residency, Business Base, Asset Allocation and Playground.

"International Business Companies" & "Private Interest Foundations" encourage "Free Individuals" to increase financial Strength, Privacy & Flexibility by promoting the growth of "laissez faire" capitalism within an organization and it's asset base.

If an individual's birth jurisdiction is combined with Practical & Judicial use of both Costa Rican and Panamanian jurisdictions an individual may experience "Extreme Liberty", pushing the idea of "Individual Freedom & Well-Being" to the limit.

Slainte Mhath